Five Pop Up Camper Makeovers That Will Inspire {& Motivate} You!


Pop Up Camper Makeovers

Before I purchased our pop up camper, I scoured the Internet for ideas.  In fact, my initial idea was to buy a vintage trailer and fix that up.  The idea of buying, remodeling, and storing a trailer in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association and no RV parking allowed was daunting.  I couldn’t imagine the complaints we’d get if we were storing a beat up old trailer in our front yard and working on it every weekend, and the idea of paying for storage somewhere and dragging the thing out every weekend was even worse.  I was initially resistant to the idea of a pop up camper, but then I started seeing all these cute pop up makeovers “popping” up all over Pinterest.   :-)

There are some amazing people out there, I tell ya!  Some of those pop ups were so cute, I couldn’t even stand it.  It took about a year of searching, but we finally found our Santa Fe.  When it was in my garage {safely hidden from the HOA} at last, I was referring back to all the inspiration I’d found in the makeovers I’d seen on Pinterest.  Here are five of my favorites…


Because I’m Me

Pop Up Camper Makeover

One of the first pop up camper makeovers I ever found was Jody’s over at Because I’m Me.  I was initially attracted to the white cabinets and darker floors and countertops, but I loved the bright colors, too.  One of my favorite things about her makeover is that it was all done with kids in mind.  White curtains aren’t a problem when there is a bright patterned border to keep little fingerprints hidden.  And those cushions!  Jody was smart about her cushion covers, too, and made them with an envelope style back.  They slip on and off easily for washing.  How ingenious is that?

Camper Cushion Covers

Jody has loaded up the camper and taken her kids on several trips, including one all the way across the country to my neck of the woods!  She’s my kind of girl.  While you are on her blog admiring her amazing makeover, be sure to check out some of her fun adventures, too.


Inspiration Liberation

Pop Up Camper Remodel

This is another pop up camper makeover that I pinned way back when.  When Krissy over at Inspiration Liberation posted the reveal pictures of her pop up camper, I was floored.  She took just the right amount of color and paired it with a neutral gray for a stunning end result.  I probably stared at these pictures every day for a month.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Pop Up Camper Cabinets

I loooove the red cabinets with all the vintage accessories.  It makes me want to curl up in the camper with a cup of coffee… and I don’t even drink coffee!   :-)  Make sure to check out Krissy’s amazing pop up camper makeover, and check out her new project, too!  A 1986 Airstream!  Swoon!


Sweet Meas

Pop Up Camper Redecorate

I think everyone who has ever searched for a pop up camper makeover has come across this awesome one by Sarah at Sweet Meas.  It so pretty — there is no way I’d want to let my kids step foot in it.  I love the beachy feel it has going on with all the light colors and calming blues.  And look at all those chalkboard surfaces!  What a fun way to keep track of what each cabinet holds.  But it didn’t always look this way.  When you see the BEFORE pictures of Sarah’s camper, it makes the AFTERS even more amazing.  Seriously.  Go check it out…  I’ll wait.

Pop Up Camper Remodel

My favorite thing about this remodel is the bed area.  I love the valance Sarah made with scraps of fabric and trim.  What a neat way to use up all those leftover scraps and add beauty to the bunkend.  As soon as my kids saw the lights wrapped around the shepherd’s poles, we were scouring every Dollar Tree in our neighborhood to find them.  Sarah is also crafty!  She used more of those Dollar Tree lights to make a fun tabletop light jar for the camper, too.  You’re going to want to head over to her blog to find out how she made all the amazing items she used in her makeover.


Life With 4 Boys

Camper Remodel

Next up is Kathleen from Life With 4 Boys.  Kathleen’s pop up camper was one of those makeovers that popped up on Pinterest after I’d already started my own camper, but I was so “wowwed” that I pinned it immediately.  I loved that she had chosen a theme, Route 66, for her camper and planned her fabric and decor choices around that.  The BEFORE pictures of her camper were pretty standard for a pop up camper, but look at that AFTER!  Gorgeous!

Camper Curtains

The most amazing part of Kathleen’s makeover is that she doesn’t sew!  She used alternate methods — like hemming tape and an iron — to get the job done with her curtains and cushions.  You simply have to see how she did everything.  It’s pretty awesome.  Kathleen is another one of those brave moms who packed up pop up camper and her kids for a cross country road trip — a 70 day road trip to be exact.  What a woman!  Make sure you check out her 70 Day Roadtrip adventures on her blog, Life With 4 Boys.


Deliver Love

Pop Up Camper RemodelOh, how I love this one!  Sarah over at Deliver Love has done a wonderful job with her little pop up camper.  Have you ever seen such an amazing backsplash?  She and her husband, Michael, did all the work themselves.  I love that the general color scheme of the camper is pretty neutral — Mr. TypeTwoFun isn’t a fan of wild colors — but Sarah dressed everything up with pops of color in her pillows, curtain tie-backs, and hand towels.  So cute!

Camper Cabinet Doors

Those colorful Anthropologie knobs are pretty sweet, too, but look at those cabinet doors.  Yup!  Michael made them.  I love bead-board, and what a great way to incorporate it in your camper.  Once Sarah and Michael got their pop up camper all finished up, they took it on an extended road trip, too — and she visited some of the very same places we did.  What is it about pop up camper families?  We love our road trips!  Be sure to stop by and check out all their fun adventures.

That about wraps up my inspiration round-up.  I hope you are as inspired {& motivated} by these amazing makeovers as I am.  The weather in Arizona has been pretty hot and muggy, so we haven’t really been excited to pop up the camper and get to work, but looking at all these gorgeous pictures has got me going again.  I’m itching to reupholster my cushions and get some AFTER pictures of my own up!



  1. says

    Larissa, Thank you so much for including my little pop-up. While she has gone to new owners, she will always hold a special place in my heart. As I was reading your post, I realized that all these wonderful pop-ups were also inspirations to me, as well. Happy camping (or glamping)!

  2. Cassie says

    Your redo and these ones from pinterest inspired me to do ours! It turned out great I love it and am so thankful we did it!

  3. Erin says

    So glad I found your blog early on…. We got our first pop-up today! Al. I could think about was themes and fabric while toiling away scrubbing canvas all day… And now I am happily eating chocolate and pinning campers at midnight. Hubby thinks I’ve lost my mind :)

    • says

      Isn’t it addicting, Erin? I have so many grand plans of what I want to do with our camper. So glad you found inspiration here. Send me pictures of your projects! I’d love to see what you do with your camper. 😉

    • says

      Hi, Katie! Glad to see these makeovers are inspiring to others, too. What kind of mattress tips are you looking for? Do you need to replace your mattresses or are you looking to add a level of comfort? We added memory foam on top of our stock mattresses, and it makes a world of difference! :-)

  4. Robbin Henderson says

    Dear Popupprincess: Love love !! Everything we are doing a remod on a 1976 Serro Scotty Inside and out. Also will try to make cushions myself. Thanks for the info and pix.

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