Karen’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel

There is a pretty amazing story behind this next camper remodel.  Karen and her family really wanted a pop up camper, but they had a pretty small budget.  Once they found one, they had some major setbacks.  In fact, most of us would have thrown in the towel at some point, but not Karen!  She […]

Amy Lynch’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

This next reader makeover is so adorable.  I love how colorful and happy it is, even though Amy used a neutral gray for her cabinets, counters, and cushions.  Just the addition of colorful curtain panels and bedding is enough to completely transform the whole camper.  Add the cute accessories, and you’ve got A cheerful–and versatile–living space. […]

Stephanie’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

I am so very excited to share the next pop up camper makeover with you all.  Stephanie emailed me photos of her camper months ago, and I was floored.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I had a long waiting list of amazing reader remodels to feature ahead of hers, but I promised to pencil her in for […]

Jacque’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

I’m in love with this next reader feature.  It is simple, but gorgeous.  And the best part?  Jacque did this all by herself while her husband was away.  Way to go, girl!  😀 This wasn’t Jacque’s first remodel project.  Jacque and her husband were concerned that their three kids always had their heads in video games and […]

Carolyn’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

This next makeover is such a great one, because not only is it beautiful, it is functional.  When Carolyn first sent me pictures of her camper, I was floored at how much storage space she had managed to create in her pop up.  She really has a solution for everything… and if you have camped […]

Kristen’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

I am a huge fan of the next makeover.  I love a bright, colorful makeover as much as the next girl, but sometimes you have to compromise with the other campers in your family.  When we were remodeling the Santa Fe, Mr. TypeTwoFun’s only requirement was nothing “too girly.”  I skirted the line a little bit–some […]

Karrie’s Apache Pop Up Camper Makeover

Apache Pop Up Camper Remodel

If you are a fan of unique campers, you are really going to love this next makeover—a 1978 Apache Yuma.  Apache campers, for those that aren’t familiar with them, are a sort of hard-sided pop up camper.  They have hard sides that fold in, and they pack down to the size of a traditional pop up […]

Marie-Andree’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Remodel

This next makeover comes to us from a couple of readers in Canada.  What I absolutely love about it is that Marie-Andree and her boyfriend, Louka, got creative with their remodel in order to save money.  They really thought outside the box when it came to sourcing the supplies for the makeover–especially fabric.  You will […]

Melissa’s Pop Up Camper Makeover

Patriotic Pop Up Camper

When I read Melissa’s makeover story, I could instantly relate.  We camped very infrequently when my kids were little.  I just didn’t feel I was up for the task of setting up camp and sleeping on the ground with three kids in tow.  Of course, that is something I regret now.  The summer before we […]

Shannon’s “No-Sew” Pop Up Camper Makeover

Pop Up Camper Makeover

Readers are always asking me if it is possible to give their campers makeovers without sewing.  If you don’t sew because you never learned, never perfected the skill, or just don’t have access to a sewing machine, you can absolutely still give your pop up camper a fresh new look.  Sewing skills definitely make things […]